Today, March 18, Equal Pay Day in Germany, marks the beginning of my experiment into 30 days of blogging about design. I like to write, but I’ve always struggled with writing consistently. You know how it goes: you have a day planned for blogging, but then ten new emails show up that are time sensitive or a client has an emergency or you really need a workout or you just don’t know what to write about! So, the blogging gets pushed to the backseat, and, before you know it, six months fly by without a new post.

I’ve always wondered what would happen to the Design It Please search rankings if I consistently and strategically blogged. I know what the articles say. I’ve read the SEO tutorials on Hubspot and Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO. I understand the principles of inbound marketing. I preach “content is king,” but I’ve struggled to do it for my own company.

Going into this, I have a couple of questions I hope to have answered by April 17:

  • Will any of the blogs rank for their respective keywords on the first two pages of Google?
  • Will I start ranking in Berlin?
  • Will I get more leads?

Current rankings for “design” or “development”

#1 for Design It Please (as it should be)
Page 8 for “austin web design”
Page 11 for “austin wordpress development”
Page 15 for “austin website development”
Page 15 for “austin web design company”
No rank for “austin graphic design”
No rank for “austin design agency”
No rank for “berlin web design”
No rank for “berlin wordpress development”
No rank for Berlin website development”

Now, I’m only going to focus on design-centered keywords for this experiment. I am not going to “keyword stuff.” I am going to pay attention to SEO Titles and Meta Descriptions and Alt text. I’m going to focus more on words than images (ironic, I know). I am going to (try to) publish every day, even the weekends.

So, what do you think will happen as a result of this experiment? Have you done something similar for your own business? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!