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Ask A Web Designer is a monthly series of webinar and Q&A sessions. Each month, Design It Please’s Founder, Sam Fagan, connects you with new expert-level resources across the digital marketing landscape: from social media strategists to conversion copywriters, SEO specialists, user experience designers and more.

Ask A Web Designer webinars and Q&A sessions address common questions about digital marketing and strategy, website design, Web development and website maintenance. Questions like: How do you know what a good designer is? How do you test a website user experience? How do I address common digital marketing challenges (low traffic, low or no leads or sales), Is my website the best it can be? How can I improve?


Wed, Nov 8, 10-11am, Central Standard Time

For Whom

You are an entrepreneur, small business owner or team member or medium-sized business owner or team member. You have a website design challenge, a website development question, or need some digital marketing support in social media, SEO, content and copywriting or user experience.


3 effective ways to engage your audience with social media strategy that fits your small to medium-size business goals.

Brand new to social media marketing? Or just feeling intimidated and overwhelmed with knowing how to engage your audience or who your audience even is?

If you feel like you’ve been posting on social media just to post, and it feels like you’re shouting into a deep, dark social media marketing black hole … join this discussion. We’ll cover how to find your brand voice, and 3 effective ways to engage your audience with social media strategy that fits your small to medium-size business goals.

End the intimidation. Simplify the overwhelm. Empower yourself and your business in our free webinar and Q&A session.

We have limited seating, so reserve your spot now to ask all of your burning social media marketing questions.

“Voice is the most critical aspect of defining your brand identity because it serves as a framework for your social content. Everything from tweets to blog posts should speak seamlessly to your audience across platforms and posts. Inconsistencies can sabotage your entire social strategy.”


Hosted by Sam Fagan, Web Designer and Developer, and Founder of Design It Please.

And with special thanks to our Guest Host, Ruoyun Xu, Social Media Strategist, Speaker and CEO of social media marketing agency C3Nami.

In this Free Webinar and Q&A session you will learn:

  • The best questions to ask yourself when defining your own brand voice across your social media marketing channels.
  • What will you say to your audience to engage them? Three use cases to fit all types of businesses—whether you’re brand new, or you’ve been around the block a few times. Entrepreneurs, startups, or a small to medium-sized businesses will benefit from this webinar/Q&A.
  • Three social content strategies for communicating with your audience at the right place, in the right format and with the right call-to-action to convert.
  • The key social media performance indicators that validate your social media campaign strategy’s success.
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Who Are We?

Samantha Fagan web designer founder of website design and development agency Design It Please

Your Host

Founder of Design It Please, Samantha Fagan, has been designing and developing brands for 10 years. She’s passionate about building purpose-driven websites for purpose-driven people. When, she’s not working, you can find her exploring specialty coffee shops, riding her bike, and vlogging for Little Spoon Book. She’s currently traveling the world as a digital nomad. Read more about Sam.

Ruoyun Xu, social media strategist, speaker and CEO of social media marketing agency C3Nami

This Month’s Guest Host

Social Media Strategist and Speaker, Ruoyun Xu, aims to empower businesses to connect and build relationships with their communities online through education and training. As the founder of social media management agency, C3Nami, she closely collaborates with small and medium-sized businesses to align their online presence with their brand and mission, utilizing social media to create impactful engagement and build influence. Learn more about Ruoyun.

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Bring your most burning, intimidating or overwhelming social media marketing, social content, social media campaign strategy, web design, web development or WordPress questions to this free webinar and open Q&A.

Host, Designer and WordPress Web Developer, Sam Fagan of Design It Please, and guest host Social Media Strategist, Speaker and CEO of social media marketing agency C3Nami, Ruoyun Xu, will be on-hand to help you put out the social media marketing fire, arm you with strategic social media campaign tips, and talk you off the digital website design and web development ledge.

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