Design It Please is founded on the belief that your website should be strategic…

not just beautiful.

Design It Please is founded on the belief that your website should be strategic…

not just beautiful.

Design It Please is founded on the belief that your website should be strategic…

not just beautiful.

About Design It Please

Designing visual journeys since 2015.

Design It Please is a strategic, graphic and web design agency that works with purpose-driven people. We work with businesses and non-profits that are passionate about their purpose and need help telling their brand’s story. Triggers like starting a business, growing a business, and reimagining a business are perfect challenges for us. We’ll strategically bring your vision to life.

Meet The Founder

Samantha Fagan, founder of Design It Please

From Barista to Business Owner.

In 2015, Sam Fagan was working as a barista in Austin, TX. She was at an in-between place in her life; she missed designing, but she didn’t want to work for just any company. While Sam had dabbled in freelancing before, it was merely a temporary fix until she secured what she considered a “real job.” It wasn’t until Sam enrolled in a Freelancing 101 course, led by a seasoned, self-employed woman, that switch flipped in her brain.

Suddenly, the prospect of running her own business became a concrete and viable ambition. Despite possessing inherent leadership skills and a history of organizing various groups for passion projects, the idea of being a business owner or entrepreneur had never crossed her mind. During the Freelancing 101 course, Sam’s eyes were opened to the possibility and instilled the confidence that she too could venture into entrepreneurship.

Sam’s Background

Sam took her first web design class in 1995, the summer before her 7th grade year. Through high school, she spent her down-time updating a hand-coded, HTML calendar and developing her first website was on Geocities. Macs were laughed at. Internet Explorer was boss. CSS didn’t exist.

Sam started her career at the University of Arkansas in Architecture. While she loved the technical drawing and the precision, she got tired of drawing buildings all the time. Sam explored Psychology, Spanish, and Music before landing on Design & Photography. She graduated with a BA in Graphic Design, Web Design, and Photography.

From Arkansas, Sam found her way to Austin, Texas. In Austin, she worked for a couple start-ups where she learned marketing and website strategy and WordPress. The book Design Is a Job by Mike Monteiro changed her life. It spoke of design as more than a service; It spoke of design as a problem-solving partnership between the client and the designer.

After a layoff in 2013, Sam needed a break from the corporate world and followed her passion to becoming a barista at Cuvee Coffee. A year as a barista gave Sam the break and energy needed to start Design It Please in 2015. She lived and worked in Austin until 2017 when she decided to travel the world and be a digital nomad. Ten months and many countries later, Sam found herself in possession of an artist visa in Berlin, Germany. She built a home in Berlin for four years and learned so much about cultures, design, business, and herself.

In 2021, Sam was accepted to the first Ascend WV cohort and moved to Morgantown, WV in October of that year.

When she’s not working, you can find her baking, riding her bike, jamming with her band, or camping with her teardrop trailer, Betty White.

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Sam’s Favorite Musician

Angel Centeno, developer at Design It Please

Angel Centeno, Developer

Angel has been developing and creating websites for over 15 years. Throughout his tenure, he’s worked on all types of projects in different industries, from major brands to small businesses.

Angel’s passion for coding came after working as Valet and Front Desk for a certain mouse in Orlando. He was 19 and knew his desire was to innovate and create experiences in the new frontier: Web 2.0.

He quit his job, moved into his parents garage with his wife, and dedicated 24/7 to be the developer he wanted to become. After many years of freelancing and working for small agencies, he got his big break and moved to NYC and became the Senior Front-end Developer to numerous Broadway shows.

Today, Angel is focused on creating amazing accessible experiences for all users. He lives in sunny St. Petersburg in Florida where he’s accompanied by his life partner, two dogs, and two guinea pigs. When he’s not coding, you can find him discovering new restaurants, playing/watching baseball, or hanging out with friends and family.

The Team

Design It Please works with companies all around the world.