Design It Please is dedicated to being a place of inclusion for all races, ages, genders, religions, and sexual identities. We believe respecting differences makes us better. CEO Sam has also deepened her affinity for diversity and other cultures thanks to her extensive travels as a digital nomad.

In essence, we want to buck the trend of the all-white, all-male design agency. If you’re interested in being a part of our progressive team, drop us a note.

How We’ll Work Together

Setting and managing expectations is a big part of running a service-oriented business. In a move toward transparency, we’ve come up with a nifty write-up about how we’ll work together.

Because we believe that all good relationships are built on honesty, in it we outline everything you’ll need to know about working with Design It Please. It helps ensure our teams are in sync so you get the highest quality work within a quick turn around.


In a continued effort to set our selves apart from the standard agency, we also focus on pricing transparency. We believe the opaque pricing structure at most agencies is a huge disservice to clients. It shouldn’t be a race to the top of the price chart or a free fall to the bottom. You shouldn’t hire someone based solely on price. Instead, pricing should be based on the work, reputation, and personality.

A lot of designers, especially minorities, undervalue their services. Yes, you have to take into account your skill level and what your market can bear, but we have seen way too many women charging embarrassingly little for their abilities.

At DIP, each project is a custom bid, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a baseline price. Websites start at $3000. Hourly work is billed at $175. If you’re on retainer, your hourly rate drops to $125.

Let us tell your brand’s story. Contact Design It Please to get started or check out our Services.