I was sitting on Orange Coworking on Friday, telling my friend Alex about the book I want to write next year and that I was thinking about running a Kickstarter campaign for it. His eyes lit up, he started talking even faster than he normally does, and he sent me a link for Orbital Business Boot Camp. The Orbital Business Boot Camp, led by Gary Chou and Nikki Sylianteng, was a 12-week course to help you launch your side project. Even though there aren’t any active classes to sign-up for, the entire syllabus is free and available online.

Alex and I are off to boot camp!

We’re going to be encouraging each other and holding each other accountable. Alex has his own project he wants to launch in the next twelve weeks. Neat thing: 12 weeks from September 23 is December 23. So, if all goes well, we’ll have little Christmas business babies to celebrate.

There will be a lot of reading and a lot of blogging. My goal is to run a successful Kickstarter campaign for my future book. Other than that, I don’t know what to expect. Oh, and Alex and I have this side goal of getting Gary Chou to visit us in Austin sometime in the next twelve weeks. Gary, you listening?

Orbital Boot Camp is broken down as follows:

  • Week 1 – Macro-level Shifts and the State of the World
  • Week 2 – Getting Started (in entrepreneurship)
  • Week 3 – Experiments & Iteration
  • Week 4 – End-of-Life Care for Projects
  • Week 5 – Feedback
  • Weeks 6-10 werk, werk, werk, werk, werk
  • Week 11 was a reflective course review, so Alex and I will need to adapt that.
  • Week 12 was a public talk about lessons learned.

In addition to the readings and blogging, there are seven assignments that range from learning how to work your network to writing something that gets 20 retweets, shares, etc. Even if our projects crash and burn, we’ll have picked up some very practical and valuable skills.

You can follow our progress on my blog, our Github project, and Alex’s blog. If YOU have a project that you want to launch in the next twelve weeks, join our team. Drop me a line.