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Jess Warren and I met through a mutual friend who tapped us to teach branding bootcamps in Austin. We created a pretty great class and taught it a couple of times before differing future visions parted our group. I was totally impressed with Jess’ graphic design skills and couldn’t wait to have her on the Designers Drink podcast.

Jess has a successful, freelance graphic design business, has spoken at SXSW, and has even created a card game called Boon the Game. Through her, I found out about Hacker Paradise and was inspired to plan my digital nomad year. You changed my life, Jess!

Episode 6 of Designers Drink: Jess Warren

Jess Warren on Designers Drink podcast

Jess Warren

Jess lives in: Austin

What we drank: Argus Cider – Ginger Perry

Jess’ One Book (every designer should read): Blah Blah Blah by Dan Roam

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Find Jess Warren on: Twitter, Instagram, Etsy, and her website.