As I promised in my post last week, my creativity focus for the first of my last four weeks was going to center around the colors of Buenos Aires. As a visual communicator, it’s immensely important to understand color pairings and meanings. It’s always interesting to see which colors resonate in other countries and how they pair them. Color combinations that would be no-nos in the US are perfectly acceptable in other places!

With renewed eyes, I wandered Buenos Aires last week and documented the colors of the buildings, the art, and the nature. In general, BA likes bright splashes of color. The street art, as seen above, employs bright colors, which isn’t unusual. Street art likes to call attention to itself. The fun part is that the love for street art has rubbed off on business branding, too.

Color palette 1 – Tazz

Granted, Tazz is a restaurant and a bar, so it could be argued that they have more leeway to use bright colors and artistic expression, but you’ll see in later posts just how much color and street art are incorporated into everything here. Find Tazz Jazz on Color.

Color palette of Buenos Aires - Tazz

Color palette 2 – Buenos Aires at Dusk

For a more muted color palette, I decided to pull straight from a city shot at dusk. You can see how much the weather has taken a toll on the whiteness of the buildings and that there are pops of red all of the place. Find Buenos Aires at Dusk on Color.

Buenos Aires at Dusk color palette

Color palette 3 – Yellow House

The overview of the city might make you think that most of the buildings are white. That’s not true. Many of the houses and buildings I pass on the way to work are not white. Take, for example, this beautiful yellow house. I love how the yellow of the house compliments the green of the trees and vines. Find Yellow House with Green Foliage on Color.

Buenos Aires color palette 3 - Yellow House

I’m inspired to make art using these color palettes over the next few weeks. If you use one for a project, post a link in the comments! I’d love to see it.

If you need help with your brand colors, print design, or web design, don’t hesitate to reach out!