Checkout Flavorwire’s 30 best movie posters of 2012. It’s, not only, an interesting trip through the movies of 2012 but also a lesson in current design practices. Below are my favs:

The cleanness and beauty of the colors and lighting in this Cosmopolis photo are amazing. And it’s nice to see Mr. Pattinson not being a sparkly vampire.

Cosmopolis movie poster

The Killing Them Softly poster is minimal with an intriguing interplay between figure/ground. Graphic yet entirely subtle.

Killing Them Softly poster

Go ahead and engage in your debates about Zero Dark Thirty but don’t even think about questioning the ingeniousness of this design.

Zero Dark Thirty poster

This poster of Sound Of My Voice makes me want to learn this handshake. It pulls the viewer into a potentially active role and demonstrates the enticing nature of cults.


Let me know in the comments what your favorite movie posters of 2012 are!