I feel a bit like Rory Gilmore today as I officially unveil the new Design It Please website. Design It Please has been a dream in my head for the past few years. I’ve worked for people who have inspired me to be a leader and solopreneur by showing me what it means to be a life-long learner and a visionary, and I’ve worked for people who’ve made me want to do my own thing because of their mismanagement. Regardless, they’re all a part of my story, and they’ll have some part of my successes and failures. We’re all interconnected, and we at Design It Please think, for better or worse, that’s pretty cool. At the core of everything we do here, whether it’s designing your website or analyzing Google Analytics, we consider ourselves storytellers.

Design It Please is here to help tell your brand's story online

Think of us as your friendly, neighborhood bar–yes, you can come to us for a one-off beer, but the true magic happens when you let the bartender be the expert. Yes, we know what makes great digital design, and we can build you a stellar WordPress website, but we want more. We want to analyze what’s working and what’s not, and we want to strategize better ways for your brand to build its tribe. We’re looking for clients who want long-term relationships. We’re looking for clients who want partners.

Design It Please, not a jerk

We’re not jerks.


It’s in our name: please. Design It Please is not here to take advantage of you or bully you. We consider our clients to be friends, in a sense, and we don’t succeed unless you succeed. Yes, we’re running a business, but it’s the business of people, and people deserve to be treated with respect. Respect builds trust, and trust gives us, as designers and marketers, the freedom to do our jobs well.

Take a look around the new website. Get to know us! Read about our Process & Services, and then get in touch with the coolest, new web shop in Austin!