Yes, I am a huge fan of WPEngine – and this is not something I say lightly. It’s the one provider I can unequivocally, 100% gush over because not only do I rate them as the top managed WordPress website hosting company out of all the ones I’ve tried over 12 years as a web designer; for me, they consistently provide the best customer service I have experienced from ANY business. Hands down. They’re also based in one of my favorite cities, Austin, Texas.  

Before I go into all the reasons why I love WPEngine, let’s quickly go over what managed WordPress website hosting is and why it is so important to get it right.

What is Website Hosting and Why it is So Important

Web hosting is the physical location where all the files of your website live. If you think of your website as your house, hosting is the foundation upon which you build your house. If you don’t have a good foundation, it will cause problems elsewhere in your house and you’ll be spending a lot of time and money on repairs. So if you want a well-performing website, make sure you go with a quality hosting service provider.

Key Things to Consider When Choosing a Website Host

  • Storage – How much space do you need for all your files? If you have a small site without a bunch of media files (music, podcasts, videos, etc.), 10GBs will suffice.
  • Speed – Server speed is an important factor for your site’s load speed. A faster load speed, means better SEO. Look for unlimited bandwidth.
  • Security – Do they scan for malware? How quickly does the company respond to hacks? Will they charge you extra to clean it up?
  • Customer Service – Someday, even at the best companies, you will need to speak to customer service. When that day comes, you’ll want to have a number of ways to contact them, you’ll want them to be available when you need them, you’ll want them to be friendly, you’ll want them to be competent, and you’ll want them to be efficient.
  • Site Backup & Restoration – Will they take daily, weekly, or monthly backups? If your site gets deleted somehow or corrupted, will they provide site restoration?
  • Updates – Will they update WordPress, plugins, or themes for you? (We offer comprehensive, monthly maintenance packages.)
  • Email – Does the website hosting come with email hosting? If you find a plan you love, like WPEngine, that doesn’t offer email hosting, you can always get Google Apps.

Why WPEngine is the Web Host-ess With the Mostest

There are several reasons to love WPEngine. No matter what size business you are, their plans provide full hosting services that take care of all your software and security update needs and give you outstanding support service. These are my favorite features of WPEngine:

WPEngine has the fastest servers around.

They provide free SSL certificates and will automatically renew them for you for the life of your website.

They automatically update your WordPress core so any updates WordPress makes to its platform to fix bugs or upgrade security or features will be automatically updated for you. (They also test the new version on a development version of your website to make sure there are no conflicts. If they see something is wrong with the test version, they won’t deploy to the live version.)  

WPEngine monitors your site for malware and if your site does get hacked, they’ll clean it up for you.

I already mentioned their phenomenal customer service. They provide 24-hour support. A countdown clock let’s you know where you are in line and once you get connected with a support person, they are dedicated and quick at resolving your issue. And they’re NICE people. I can’t emphasize enough how much of a difference ‘service with a smile’ makes in keeping customers happy and coming back – and passing on recommendations!

WPEngine may not be the cheapest option but that’s not really what you want from a hosting service. You want to know that your web host will keep all your files in order so that your website continually performs well, and that if anything does goes wrong, they’ve got your back. If you want a web host that is reliable, quick, and super helpful and friendly, WPEngine is definitely the best value you’ll find.

As an extra bonus, you can even get 20% off WPEngine’s Startup Plan here