Monkey Mouths

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Monkey Mouths web design and WordPress development by Design It Please

Monkey Mouths is a group of pediatric speech and occupational therapy clinics in north Texas. They were looking for an updated design that made their content easier to navigate and digest. They wanted something more dynamic and easier to use. Due to their growing team, they also needed a way to organize the employees and present them to customers.

For the second iteration of their website, we were asked to work on website strategy, information architecture, UX/UI design, branding, WordPress development, and SEO.

“The challenge was to maintain most of the visual identity while shifting the focus more towards parents.”

Monkey Mouths logo transformation by Design It Please

We thickened the fonts so they are easier to read and updated the colors to achieve a more sophisticated appearance.

Monkey Mouths color palette

The final color palette includes 12 colors adapted from paint samples and fabric swatches that the owner loves. By refining the color palette, we were able to elevate the brand, as a whole.

Monkey Mouths t-shirt design

Marty, the mascot, is used across the brand.

Monkey Mouths responsive web design by Design It Please

A preview of the Therapies & Programs page. Each therapy and program was assigned a specific icon and color.

Monkey Mouths' Therapies page

A preview an individual therapy page focused on photos and how the user can engage the service.

Individual therapy page for Monkey Mouths

A preview of the staff page with location-based sorting.

Staff page for Monkey Mouths

A preview of the Contact page with a custom-designed background pattern.

Monkey Mouths Contact page

"Last week, we had 11 new patient inquiries though our website. That would have been 0-1 on our old website. We are also still not getting any spam emails. This has been such a blessing!"

Erin Bernett

Founder, Monkey Mouths

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