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YogaWell Institute WordPress website by Design It Please

Yoga Well Institute provides practical teachings and methods that create sustainable transformation and help people live a purposeful and satisfying life. They wanted to redesign their website with a focus on improved usability.

For the second version of their website, we worked on website strategy, information architecture, content strategy, UX/UI (user experience/user interface) design, visual design, WordPress development, and SEO.

“The challenge was to transform their abundant textual content into a more easily understandable format by interspersing it with images, establishing a clear hierarchy, and ensuring a straightforward user experience.”

We initiated the process by crafting a stylescape to truly encapsulate the brand’s essence. The visuals were inspired by the extensive history of yoga practice in India. Additionally, we devised a color palette.

YogaWell Institute stylescape

We designed personalized visuals to engage the user and capture their interest.

custom sidebar graphic design

After determining the content for the website, we laid it out in wireframes, without any colors or formatting, to make sure that:

  1. We have all the content we need
  2. It’s presented in a way that will be logical for the user
  3. There are clear calls-to-action
YogaWell Institute web<br />
page wireframe
YogaWell Institute web page wireframe
YogaWell Institute web page wireframe

Following the approval of wireframes, we incorporate colors, fonts, photos, and graphics in alignment with the client’s branding.

YogaWell Institute homepage design
YogaWell Institute web page design
YogaWell Institute web page design

It's challenging to create a compelling website for a brand that is still finding its voice, Design It Please stepped up to this challenge. They gently walked us through the process and were very patient with us while still keeping us on schedule. Our new website reflects where we are at and is something we feel proud of, the team at Design It Please was a critical part of this success.

Sunni VonMutius

Director of Business & Strategy, YogaWell Institute

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