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Your website tells your company’s story online. It should have your company’s voice and style. It should target the right audience and have measurable goals. It should be fast and optimized for mobile. And it should look great doing it.

What We Do

Robyn S Metcalfe web design by Design It Please


Before we do any designing, we need to determine the goals for your website. This meeting will develop the website’s primary and secondary SMART goals, answer the 5 Homepage Questions, identify competitors, and determine initial keyword phrases.


Next, we’ll talk about your company’s target audience, discuss their specific pain points, and determine how to best address those on the website.


We’ll layout your content blocks a couple different ways before we add your content, color, and fonts. This step ensures that you have the most important content in the most strategic places.


Now for the fun part! We’ll add your content, colors, and fonts to the chosen wireframe. We typically design a home page, inner page template, blog index, single post template, 404 page, and search results page. It’s ready for development!


Fully responsive, mobile optimized, user accessible (you can change your own content!), and well supported. Almost 25% of all websites are powered by WordPress, including The New Yorker and Best Buy.

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Before you build your website, read this FREE guide.

Wondering what’s involved with creating a new website? This is the step-by-step guide to making sure you’re fully prepared.

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"Last week, we had 11 new patient inquiries though our website. That would have been 0-1 on our old website. We are also still not getting any spam emails. This has been such a blessing!"

Erin Bernett

Founder, Monkey Mouths