I seen two very creative videos in the past two days. One is an advertisement by BMW. The biggest challenge of a designer is to create something memorable. The only way a potential customer will use a service or product is if he/she remembers it exists. This BMW ad uses flash technology to “place” the BMW logo on the viewer’s retinas, so that when they closed their eyes the logo was visible. Here, take a look.

Pretty cool, huh? I wish I had thought of it. Obviously, this technique can only be used to a certain extent. It looses its surprise and wonder after the first viewing, but it only takes one memorable experience with a brand to remember it. Think about that the next time your design team is trying to come up with “the next big thing.” Take a chance.

Another nice thing about this ad is that it uses intelligent, creative technology instead of trying to push the envelope with overt or implied sexuality. It has become so easy for brands to sell with sex, and it’s refreshing to see a successful advertisement that doesn’t. Way to go, Bimmer, Beemer, Beamer. Way to go.

In a completely different vein, Sid Ceaser of Ceaser Photography made an incredible proposal video! He even bought customized puppets from The Muppet Whatnot Workshop! Watch the video below.

This makes me think about what my next Flip video project will be! And, yes. She said “yes.”

Finally, for your Christmas cheer: