Money As You Grow website

Not only does have a great purpose (it teaches kids the lessons about money that they don’t learn in school), it has great design.

What I love:

  • great tagline
    • it explains the website’s purpose
  • authority is established through the use of the Presidential seal
  • they did not forget their share icons
  • kid/young-adult friendly graphics
    • the age-hierarchy is clear
    • tastefully colorful!
    • they just look cool
    • on mouse-over, the avatar raise his/her hand (so there’s no confusion which one you’re clicking)
  • the posters!
  • no new-page loading

Things I would improve:

  • Webfonts for title and tagline instead of using an image.  They did add a tagline wrapped in an <h1> with the CSS display property set to “none”, but still…

Ease-of-use: 9/10 (the avatars can be a bit finicky and overlap the header)