How often should I blog? Do I need to change the pictures on my website? How often should I change the content? These are all questions I hear, on a regular basis. People want to know how much effort will be needed to make their website “work.” So here’s everything you need to know about how often you should change your website content.

The Short Answer Is….

It depends.

What are the goals of your website? Your website content and how often it should change is directly correlated to what you want and need to accomplish through it. Do you even have website goals? We’ll talk more about creating these in an upcoming post.

So, the Answer Is that There Is No Answer?

No, not exactly.

If you want to be driving people to your website through, either, inbound (non-paid) or outbound (paid ads) marketing strategies, you are going to need fresh content on your website. Search engines and humans like fresh content that is relevant and interesting. The more you create interesting and relevant content, the more people and search engines will trust you and spend time with you and share you. It’s a lot like human life.

Does your website sell products? Then, you need to be promoting them through a variety of photos and stories on your blog and across social media.

Do you need to grow your newsletter subscriptions? Not only will you need interesting newsletter content, but you will want to A/B test the placement and language of your subscription sign-up modules on your website.

Do you have a blog you want to monetize? You need to be creating a LOT of great content on a regular schedule.

Are you a non-profit trying to increase donations? Make sure your success stories are updated, at minimum, on a quarterly basis!

Blog on a Schedule

Make a plan and stick to it. Whether it’s once a week or once a month, set it and stick to it.

If your business wants to blog but doesn’t need to monetize it, then it’s okay to blog once a month.

If your business depends on making money off your blog, then twice a week will be a much better schedule for you.

What About My “Business Card” Website?

You should still have goals about what you want to achieve through your “business card” website. Whether it’s phone calls or emails or white paper downloads, every goal will come with a set of things that should be tested and tweaked on your website. If you really aren’t changing anything on your website, you aren’t being strategic enough.

Everyone from a professional blogger to an e-commerce site needs to have a content plan that’s centered around the website goals. Test it, track it, tweak it, and then do it again. People who talk about the same thing all the time are boring, and so is your website.

Need help determining or testing your website goals? Contact Design It Please today to make your website un-boring.